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Business Identity

A Business Identity is an extremely important factor in a Business Success and business identity management is defined as the process of creating a relationship between a company and the emotional perceptions not only of the clients but also your employees in order to build loyalty.

Effective presence online introduces your business identity to the public, builds your reputation, makes you stand out from the competition and projects your values to attract your ideal client.

You want your online presence and social appearance to have signs of a strong reputation. As you increase your professional, consistent presence online, your credibility will strengthen. If your business comes up with the right quality in the right place at the right time, you will be perceived as a trusted business.

Your Business Identity is the Key to Strategy

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Your Business Identity is the Voice of Your Quality and Your Values. It defines Who you are. Your vision and purpose, your values, culture and behavior. It's your PERSONALITY. It’s as unique as your fingerprints are.


Quality is Consistently delivering products and services that fully meet consumer needs and expectations, or even higher “above and beyond.” Managing quality is crucial for every businesses because it affects customer satisfaction and loyalty and reflects on your company’s reputation.


In order for your identity to be clear to your customers, it has to be consistently displayed in every aspect of your business. You could have the best business recognition online, however it is essential that your offline and your online identity match. Matching both identities will not only be crucial for your business’ consistency, but also for your customers’ recognition of your business both online and in the real world.

Credibility No matter what field your business covers, credibility and reliability is always one of your main concerns. The definition of credibility is to inspire trust and respect in others. Credibility is not some instant, one-time activity. You must earn it, with a quality over time, through a combination of factors and developing a strong online business identity confirms your credibility.


Reputation is the subjective qualitative belief a person has regarding a brand, person, company, product, or service. It is is gained with a recognized quality standard and is a strong differentiator in today's competitive markets. Clients that see your company’s strong reputation will want to become part of the product or service you’re offering. Once a customer experiences you are credible, they put their trust in you. This benefits both your online and offline reputation. Businesses with a good reputation make greater profits and one without a strong reputation, may struggle to survive. Reputation is the key to success.

Differentiation Stand out from the crowd. Your online business identity assures that you’re different from any other businesses; that You are Unique. Since there’s no one like you and no other business like yours, effectively communicating this to consumers will help increase your ability to stand out. Showcasing your brand online not only identifies your business, but it also separates you from your competitors.


Business and brand awareness refers to the extent to which customers are able to recall or recognise your company and your brand and it measures a potential customer’s ability to associate it with your company’s product or service. Brand awareness is a key consideration in consumer behavior, advertising management and strategy development

Expansion Building up your business recognition also lays the foundation to grow your business. Once your name is all over the Internet and stays known you can comfortably expand your empire while watching your sales continuously grow.

Reach Potential Customers Once you have a strong online identity, the consumers that search for what you offer are more likely to find you. Having a strong online identity, while keeping track of your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives your target market in your direction while ultimately bringing you more business.

Customer Retention Reoccurring income is what every business owner dreams of. A successful online business identity keeps existing clients coming back and wanting more. Strong customer retention is the key to a profitable company!


An effective business identity can help to build customers loyalty and trust, since it allows customers to make an emotional connection between a product and the company. It’s equally important for business to establish strong emotional connections with their employees as well, as they’re the best and most effective business ambassadors.

A business identity is essentially how your company is communicated to your prospective customers or target market. It represents your company’s core values and differentiates your company from your competitors.

Establish Your Business Identity

Your business's identity is essentially how you present yourself to customers, clients, employees and investors. It's the vision you have for your business, its essence. It's also the beginning of your business's brand.

Developing a business identity is important for a number of reasons:

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  • Determines the culture and the value of success within your company.

  • Conveys a strong and lasting quality message, when clients see your business name.

  • Determines your business standing among competitors.

  • Define your business in positive and distinguishing terms.

  • Maintains the company uniformity and its theme’s consistency.

The process of creating your company’s identity will follow these stages:

  • Determine Your Business Identity

  • Design Your Business Identity

  • Communicate Your Business Identity

Business Identity and Brand Identity

Although often, the two terms — business (corporate) and brand identity — are used interchangeably, they are two different concepts.

  • Business (corporate) identity refers to the perception of the entire company, not just one idea, product or service the company provides. One business may have many different brand identities wrapped up in its overall corporate identity.

  • Brand identity refers to the perception of a particular product, service or idea a company or individual business owner provides. In creating a brand identity, the goal is to distinguish your product, service or idea from similar products, services and ideas from other businesses.

Business identity and brand identity are the same in terms of importance. In distinguishing your products, services and ideas — or your entire company — from competitors, you tell the public why they should work with you. Your business identifies and sets you apart from others in the same field.

Identity is cause; brand is effect & the strength of the former influences the strength of the latter. ~ Larry Ackerman

Do Small Businesses need a Strong Brand Identity?

Remember, if you have a business, you have a brand. What you do with it is up to you. If your business aligns with your vision and focuses on the needs of your target audience, it attracts the right client to your business.

Many small businesses feel that having a strong brand identity is something only large companies need. And although some might invest in a logo, they miss the fact that a brand identity is so much more than just the visual impression of your business. Even if you don’t have a logo, your business still has a brand.

Branding is about the impression you make, it is empowering what is special about your business and how you connect with your target audience. It highly influences your prospects’ opinion of who you are and whether they want to do business with you.

A strong brand identity:

  • Is everything you are, the value you deliver and the total client experience. Every image you project needs to consistently reflect the personality of your business.

  • Reflects your business’s promise, message and values. Your identity should be consistent with, and reinforce, your purpose and your core message to your customers.

  • Conveys the expectations and promises that you extend to your clients in terms of quality, service, reliability and trustworthiness, shaping their perception of you and your business.

  • Helps the audience differentiate you from your competitors, positively influencing their decision to hire you.

Effective Business Communication is Key to Success

Business Behavior is the essence of a company. Through the business behavior, a company shows its brand values and philosophy. Business behavior is how you present your brand to the community at large, including customers, clients, employees, and investors. This includes public relations, internal communication and reputation management.

If there's one skill that's required for success in all industries, it's excellent communication.

The ability to communicate with people both inside and outside your organisation is a key characteristic of successful business identity. Proper communication and expectation setting is the key to sustaining a good business relationship with your customers and employees.

A good brand communicates clearly, consistently and creates credibility.

It enables you to provide Customers and Employees with an image that can evoke *Feelings* about your Business, having a powerful impact on whether someone wants to do business with you and develops Loyalty.

Your Business Needs to be Remarkable

Most businesses want to be heard and remarkable. What they don’t know is that it’s not only about “what” you say, as much as “how” you say it.

A tone of voice in communication is an expression of your business’s way of thinking. You need to use the right tone of voice. In branding, “tone of voice” accounts for everything from your use of language and grammar to your rhythm, and your personality. It will inform your blogs, website copy, social media messages, and your emails about your business's identity, therefore you need a tone of voice that’s consistent, genuine, and personable to make an impact.

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However, if you want to create a powerful connection with your audience, every piece of your communication strategy needs to follow the same tone of voice guidelines and make sure that all the information your brand puts out into the world is consistent with your brand identity.

Integrated communication is strategy in your business that focus on keeping a tight rein on your use of language, messaging, and imagery. By connecting all the different aspects of your communication strategy, you build a stronger, more persistent “feel” for your brand — regardless of whether you’re blogging, shooting a video, or publishing a business brochure.

In short, integrated business communication elements work together seamlessly following 4C's harmony:

  • Complementary Every element of your brand communication plan supports the others.

  • Continuity Communications are consistent and connected through all spaces.

  • Consistency Multiple messages within your brand reinforce and support each other.

  • Coherence All communications are logically connected.

You also need to think about using the right channels, methods, and strategies to get your message across consistently. The truth is, it all comes down to making sure that you maintain the same image, personality, and voice, no matter where you are.

By cultivating an integrated business communication that’s respected by your entire business and brand, you reinforce each other and boost effectiveness. Because everything supports the same message and image, your integrated communications reinforce your brand in advertising.

Create Your Business Identity

or someone else will do it.

Investing in a business identity shows that you take pride in your business and are committed to success.

Customers will believe you are more likely to deliver on your promises to them because a business that invests in its success will under promise and over deliver, creating more brand loyalty and trust with every customer interaction.

The most important thing about your business identity is how your clients *feel* about your business. Your business is your reputation, and it reminds people of how they feel about your products or services it provides.

Strong business identity with all elements can ensure that your clients think and recall good things when they see your brand. And that can only lead to success. Has your business taken control of its brand identity?



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